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Hi. I'm a creative consultant. Content stragtegy, writing/editing & photography. Sometimes I make miniature chopstick furniture. I made a macaroni piece for an art school final and got an A. You should have seen the texture on that thing. Amazing.

I've been online constantly since 1995 and have nurtured a caffeine addiction (off and on) since I was 13. I like to take pictures of my cats.

When I was first in college I stayed up for three nights straight to finish a short story, then drove to LA after finals. That was not a smart move. No one got hurt, except all the imaginary bunnies I plowed through on I-5 somewhere near Gilroy. Exhaustion is tricky.

If you need any information design, carefully crafted words, pretty pictures, or perhaps a tiny chopstick furniture set, please contact me.

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